About Us

What is the Institute of Telecommunications Professionals?

The Institute of Telecommunications Professionals (ITP) is the UK’s leading independent institution for people who work in telecommunications.

The ITP has a proud heritage that dates back to 1906, when telecommunications was seen as a new industry. Since then, of course, it has become an essential part of modern life – and the ITP has always been here to give a voice to the professionals who work within the sector.

Formerly known as the Institute of Post Office Engineers (IPOEE) and the Institution of British Telecom Engineers (IBTE), the ITP has thousands of members, representing in excess of 50 organisations across the UK and worldwide.

The ITP is dedicated to promoting the professional and career development of members through Professional Registration, training, mentoring and qualifications. We keep our members up to date with the latest industry developments through The Journal, podcasts and regional events, as well as hosting workshops, seminars and networking sessions.

The ITP collaborates with regulators, government associations and other leading bodies on a wide variety of projects that are important to the future of the industry, representing the views of its members. It has worked and shared best practice with businesses such as BT, Cable&Wireless Worldwide, Nokia, Huawei and Vodafone, in addition to leading educational institutions such as the Open University (OU) and University College London (UCL).

The ITP has been the professional voice of telecoms for more than a century. We have spoken for the industry in its past, its present, and now we are looking to its future. The telecommunications industry has evolved rapidly over the decades, and like all industries, faces challenges. We believe now, as we always have, that talented people are at the heart of a thriving telecommunications sector. Our vision for the coming year is to explore the ways in which we can help shape the future of the telecoms industry through a new apprenticeship scheme. The scheme will aim to provide a constant flow of well-trained, highly-qualified individuals into the businesses who need them. We are committed to working with organisations in partnership and supporting the development of future telecoms talent.