Corporate Social Responsibility

The ITP believes that CSR is far more than just a tick in the right box – it is an ever-evolving process that is at the heart of our Institution.

We aim to minimise the negative impact of our business on the environment; have a positive effect on society, and seek to work with other organisations who embrace these objectives. We aim to use natural resources responsibly, work to improve working practices within the industry we serve and encourage and educate our employees in these goals.

Here are some of the ways we are striving to achieve those goals:

  • Education: The ITP has been dedicated to the personal and professional development of people working within the telecommunications industry for over 100 years, providing mentoring and seminars.
  • Young people and apprentices: We actively support apprentices, offering them reduced membership fees and the opportunity to fast-track to Professional Registration. We are also exploring the possibility of a new apprenticeship scheme run by the ITP for small-medium businesses, encouraging a flow of new talent into the industry and reducing unemployment.
  • Connected Earth: The ITP is proud to support Connected Earth, a web-based museum of communications, featuring a rich heritage of historic artefacts, documents, images and film. It tells the story of our ongoing quest to communicate better, from the first simple messages to today's sophisticated global communications. We also contribute to the oral history project for Connected Earth, using ITP volunteers to capture the stories of telecommunications professionals for posterity.
  • Recycling: We recycle all possible office materials, and use dedicated printers for reusing printed paper.
  • Travel: We adopt a best practice approach to business travel, opting for conference calls whenever possible. When travel is required, we encourage staff to select the “greenest” travel options.