The story behind the Institute of Telecommunications Professionals

The ITP has a long history of which it is very proud. For more than a century, it has represented the views of the telecoms industry at a strategic national and international level, supporting both businesses and individuals achieve their goals. Here we take a look at the heritage of the ITP.

1906: The Institution of Post Office Electrical Engineers(IPOEE) was founded. The purpose was to promote the advancement of electrical and telegraphic science and its uses, and to facilitate the exchange of information and ideas on these subjects amongst the members of the Institution. The organisation remained in place for decades, evolving alongside the telecoms industry.

1907: The first series of Read Papers, 'The Telegraph Act' was published and ITP lectures were introduced. The papers were presented at lectures in local centres. Within 2 years 75% of eligible staff from General Post Office were members of the Institute.

1908: The first edition of The Journal was published and was continued to be printed quarterly.

1982: The Institution of Post Office Electrical Engineers was renamed the Institution of British Telecommunications Engineers, following the formation of British Telecommunications.

1991: A further venture into publishing with the Structured Information Programme. A series of papers issued, setting out current knowledge on a wide range of telecoms subjects, designed to be valuable source of reference.

1999: The Journal prepared and published the proceedings from the FITCE Congress, for the first time.

2001: The Institution of British Telecommunications Engineers took the decision to become an independent organisation, providing information and educational services to anyone interested in the field of telecommunications.

2002The Institution becameThe Communications Network (TCN). TCN continued to encourage and support the personal development of people working in the telecommunications sector. Through its publications, lectures and other services, TCN helped its members to understand developments within the telecommunications and related industries, to develop their professional skills and to build their network of contacts.

2006: Members have access to electronic issues of The Journal archives through the ITP website.

2007The organisation undertook a name change - this time going back to its roots.The Institute of Telecommunications Professionals (ITP) continues to fulfill its rich heritage as the independent authority for the telecommunications industry.