Mentor of the year
Has someone gone the extra mile for you in your career? Did your mentor guide you to achieve that promotion that you desired? Now is the time to show your appreciation. Nominate them for the ITP Mentor of the Year award!

Apprentice of the year
We are looking for exceptional apprentices to enter this year’s awards. Recognising outstanding apprenticeship talent and celebrating the rising stars of our industry

Engineer of the year
Now in its second year, is this year your year? We are looking for exemplary engineers with over 10 year’s experience who can demonstrate one of more of the following:

  • Significant achievement Long term excellence
  • Technical skills
  • Business skills
  • Customer care

Woman in Telecoms
Applications are welcome from women who have a minimum of five years experience in the industry and can demonstrate technical or business leadership skills that excel in one of these areas:

  • Significant achievements in the sector
  • Long term excellence
  • Original research on telecoms technology
  • Outstanding leadership

Innovator of the year
We are looking for an outstanding individual that can demonstrate success in one of the below areas:

  • An innovative project that has had a measurable and significant impact on the organization and/or surrounding communities
  • A major contribution to an innovation that has seen the business expand significantly
  • The development of a new technique for installation that has now been widely adopted across the sector or has had a major impact on an organization
  • Personal research which has had national and/or international recognition and impact evidenced through publications and awards
  • Evidence of transferring research into industry through product or service development

Christopher Mills Award
This award celebrates apprentices who demonstrate a great use of ICT or Maths over and above what is expected of them. Applicants for the Apprentice of the Year awards can also enter this award.