ITP Family Christmas Event (Glasgow)

Title ITP Family Christmas Event (Glasgow)
Organiser The ITP

The ITP would like to invite members, family and friends to this years annual Christmas Family Event

David Hall

Have you ever used a mobile phone?  Watched live pictures from abroad?  Enjoyed FaceTime and Skype?  Can you imagine a world without phones, without telecommunications..?  

From Smoke Signals to Morse Code,  Semaphore to Ships’ Flags and Pennants - and even Carrier Pigeons - we’ve been communicating at a distance for centuries….  But where does the voice come in…?  We’ve shouted, we've cupped our hands, but how did the telegraph become the telephone…?!

Mr Watson, come here - I want you!”  The first words ever heard over an electronic telephone system…!  (In 1876.)

Join Mr Thomas Watson himself as, with the aid of demos and volunteers, he relates the story of telecommunications and how he helped the great Alexander Graham Bell to invent the world’s first telephone - and change the world..!


  • the science of sound
  • the marvels of microphones
  • the curiosities of conduction
  • the ambition of amplification
  • exciting insights into electromagnetic induction
  • revealing facts on resonant frequencies
  • stunning revelations re sound reproduction
  • the magnificent phenomenon of modern fibre-optics
  • and the lucky accident that led to it all…!

In “That Rings a Bell”   -   the exciting new show from David Hall Workshops and Shows…!!


Visit the site to gain an outlook as to what you might see!

Everyone will enjoy this show with lots of interactivity with members of the audience.

We really look forward to seeing you there.

Cost: Free

Registration from: 11:00am

Starts: 11:30am

Start Date 16/12/2017 11:30
End Date 16/12/2017 12:30
Address Glasgow Caledonian University, Deeprose Lecture Theatre (A005), Govan Mbeki Building, Cowcaddens Road, Glasgow
Non Member Fee £0.00
Available places 23