ITP Family Christmas Event (Adastral Park)

Title ITP Family Christmas Event (Adastral Park)
Organiser The ITP

The ITP would like to invite members, family and friends to this years annual Christmas Family Event

Communicating with Impact - or “What’s in a Word”..?!

A brand new Christmas Lecture for the ITP…!

Technology has brought us a myriad of ways to communicate.  But where do we fit in?  What do we humans bring to our messages?  Will technology alone ever suffice..?

Moreover, how do we so brilliantly enhance the words that we say - without even thinking about it...?!  And if we were to use these enhancement skills consciously, how would that impact our communications..?!

And, of course, what has all this got to do with Christmas…?!

Drawing on a lifetime’s experience as a professional actor, voiceover, teacher and coach, David Hall - 2017’s Mr Watson in “The Romantic Story of AG Bell and the Invention of the Telephone” and the Creator and Presenter of 2016’s “Mathmagics!” lecture - will lead a brand new Interactive Family Workshop, specially created for the ITP.

Dive into the Christmas Spirit and get your Creative Juices flowing…!  Come prepared for fascinating fun, wear clothes (and shoes) you can move comfortably in - the more Christmassy the better - and learn lift all your communications to the next level..!

From Vocal Variety to Passionate Purposes, Christmas Cards to Christmas Carols -   what better way to spend a pre Christmas morning or evening in the case of Ipswich..! than in this Fascinating, Fun and Highly Applicable workshop with David…!

We look forward to seeing you..!

Suitable for all levels, abilities and ages from 7 to 77 and beyond - though younger children can certainly join in too..!

Visit the site to gain an outlook as to what you might see!

Everyone will enjoy this show with lots of interactivity with members of the audience.

Cost: Free

Registration from: 5:45pm

Starts: 6:00pm

Start Date 07/12/2018 18:00
End Date 07/12/2018 19:00
Address The John Bray Lecture Theatre, Adastral Park, Martlesham Heath, Ipswich, IP5 3RE
Non Member Fee £0.00
Available places 136