ITP Insight Event: Openstreet visit

Title ITP Insight Event: Openstreet visit
Organiser The ITP

The ‘realism’ of Openstreet goes beyond the compressing of an entire end-to-end network – that in the real world would cover many miles – into a single location.

OpenstreetBecause as part of the £8 million investment that will see 11 more ‘Openstreets’ open across the country by 2021, great efforts have been made to accurately represent the challenges thrown up by different physical environments in which engineers are routinely required to work in.

As such, the mock-ups of customer premises include a business with raised floors and suspended ceilings and homes with different fascia types (brick, wooden and plastic boarding) and frontages (grass, paving, gravel and notoriously slippery decking) that present differing challenges, especially, when ladders are used.


A brief overview of the day is as follows:

  • Network overview of Copper from Exchange to Customer.
  • Network overview of Fibre from Exchange to Customer (Business or Residential).
  • Overview of training undertaken at Site and its importance in Openreach’s Big Bold Plan.
  • Seeing training taking place.


Start Date 06/11/2019 11:00
End Date 06/11/2019 14:00
Address Legrams Lane TEC, 40 Legrams Lane, Bradford BD7 1ND
Available places 14