Dominic Elliott, CTO, Cisco

Dominic ElliottDominic has been working in the telecoms industry since 1988, working in design, operations and latterly sales on some of the worlds biggest and most complex networks.

He has been working at Cisco since 1997 holding a variety of technical roles, he was responsible for the development, design and deployment of the Cisco Solutions that underpinned the growth of key technologies in the development of the Internet in the UK.



Key Highlights

Development and integration of the IP dial server environment into the UK PSTN SS7 network. To scale the delivery of mass market Internet services a tighter coupling between the PSTN and Internet access environment was required. This approach defined the approach taken to industrialisation of the UK’s internet delivery mechanism.

Architectural Development and Design of the first Broadband Remote Access Server implementation in the UK. Building on the experience of delivering a high scale infrastructure and combining the challenge of “always on” services drove the growth of ADSL and High Speed Broadband within the UK

As IP and Packet services began to dominate the SP portfolio and new approach was required to build converged IP Next Generation Networks. Working with Software and Hardware developers delivered the first true IP NGN, BT’s 21cn.

Having worked on the development of IP NGN capabilities across the world with both challengers and incumbents.  Dominic went on to work with the likes of BBC and Sky on how they would embrace the packet world and use the pervasiveness and economics of the packet world to deliver the next generation of services.

Dominic is currently Chief Technology Officer for Cisco’s relationship with BT Globally.  With the use of IP and Packet infrastructures becoming ubiquitous, virtualisation of network functions and the delivery of new services at greater velocity is the new frontier for Telco’s and Vendors alike. This is the next area of innovation and disruption for Cisco and its Customers. Dominic is focussed on harnessing this innovation and coupling it with the industrialisation experience gained over the last 25 years.