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ITP Seminar - The after effects of COVID-19 - A Changed Industry

Event Description

When the pandemic hit, three main things happened. 

Firstly, the pattern of data changed, literally overnight, as people started working from home under curfew.  Secondly, the volume of data within these new patterns increased exponentially and moved into a much more synchronous shape, and thirdly, the types of applications changed towards interactive video and virtual.  These three changes completely changed the way services were delivered, and their assurance allowed the UK economy to keep turning.

Overall, the networks coped well, but this was particularly due to the fact that the streaming services, such as Netflix and Disney  throttled their services in a situation that no one could have really foreseen.

This experience has tested traditional network design and it has shown that we need to take the lessons from the last few months and apply them now, as this situation is likely to happen again, and we need to be prepared.

This seminar will explore the effects the COVID-19 Pandemic had on industry, how it adapted to that change, and how it can apply these changes in the future.