Connected Earth

Founded by BT, Connected Earth is a web-based museum of communications, featuring a rich heritage of historic artifacts, documents, images and film. It tells the story of our ongoing quest to communicate better, from the first simple messages to today's sophisticated global communications.

The online museum is underpinned by a series of major physical collections in museums across the UK.

The ITP is an active partner in the network of museums that work with BT to develop Connected Earth. We coordinate the volunteer network to help Connected Earth museums across the UK that are looking for people to get involved in looking after the vast collections and making them accessible to the public.

ITP also runs the oral history programme on behalf of Connected Earth. ITP volunteers interview people who have worked in telecommunications in order to capture their memories and add them to our records of the history of communications.

Explore the Connected Earth

The online museum also includes full details of the physical Connected Earth exhibitions in its Days Out section.