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Historic Articles

In 2012, the IET held a one day symposium to celebrate 175 years of UK, you can see the presentations via the link below.

IET-175 years 

In celebration of over 175 years of UK Telecommunications, we have unearthed some articles from our archive, listed below.

These include:

  • Telegraphy and telephony 1837-1912
  • Talk on Alec Reeves
  • Transmission evolution to 2012
  • Circuit switching evolution to 2012
  • Emergence of radio
  • Satellites
  • Mobile communications
  • Computer communications
  • From packet switching to the cloud

Please see the links below to download these free articles

Computer communications - the early days Part 1

Computer communications - the early days Part 2

Computer communications - the early days Part 3

The future: the next 25 years - a paper from 1981

Automatic switching in the UK - One hundred years of circuit switching?

A short history of telecommunications transmission

Looking back at Strowger - one reader's recollections

The past twenty-five years

The evolution of switching systems architecture

Transmission - an historical overview

The next twenty-five years