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Level 3 Data Centre: 19th April 2017

Level 3 Data Centre









Lhe Goswell Road Level 3 Data Centre is the largest in EMEA, it is approx. 25,000 sqm. The facility originally started life as a Gin distillery in 1898, Level 3 acquired the building in 1999 and transformed it into a state of the art datacentre. The datacentre is one of 3 “gateway locations” in London which provides network connectivity for UK customers into the Level 3 global network.
Services provided from the site cover colocation, transport, IP and CDN services.
The tour of the facility will cover a behind the scenes look at the critical infrastructure which supports the Level 3 core network, in addition a tour of the core network where visitors will be provided an overview of how technology has evolved over the last 14 years to support the high demand of bandwidth growth.

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BBC Media City, Salford: 18th May 2017

BBC Media City









This ITP Insight will take us behind the scenes of the BBC’s international hub for the creative and digital sectors which opened in 2011.  Being one of the biggest HD studios in Europe, our Members will be taken on an in depth tour, seeing the technical features that support the creation and broadcast from this impressive site.

Around 2,700 staff work in twenty-six departments including BBC Children's, BBC Learning, BBC Radio 5 live, BBC Sport, BBC Radio Manchester and BBC Breakfast as well as Religion & Ethics, the BBC Philharmonic and parts of Research & Development, Drama and Comedy. 
This visit is hosted by the BBC Engineering department and will provide ITP Members a fascinating insight into the work of the BBC.

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Network Hybrid Academy Experience: 20th June 2017










This visit will give you a unique opportunity to visit the academy, taking part in hands on experiences throughout the day. During the day, you will learn about the Copper ADSL and VDSL products and services, including impairments that impact those services; The Fibre network covering the FTTP network and Ethernet services.

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 BT Archives Visit: 19th July and 14th December 2017

BT Archives










BT Archives preserves the historical information of BT and its predecessor telecom and telegraph companies from the mid part of the 1800's up to the present day. Effectively the Archives holds the history of telecom services in the UK. 

In the Archives are artefacts such as the first ever telephone directory, which just has a short list of names, a section of the first ever transatlantic cable from 1858, through to some great videos on using spare explosives to dig trenches post First World War!  You will get a chance to hold the first directory, see the original advertising artwork, look at some of the 100,000 glass plate negatives from the 1900's and you may even spot the Buzby costume on one of the miles of shelves.  If we have time we will also look through the Holborn Telephone Exchange which at its early prime held the first speaking clock.
You are invited to join David Hay, Head of Heritage on this ITP Insight trip to view these historical pieces and get a historical overview on far the industry has come over the years.


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Bletchley Park Visit: 19th October 2017

Bletchley Park









Once Britain's’ best-kept secret, Bletchley Park is now a top heritage site. Learn how the Codebreakers deciphered thousands of enemy messages, helping to shorten WW2 by almost two years. Visit iconic huts restored to their wartime settings, with atmospheric displays; also see one of the largest collections of Enigma machines and find out how the work of Alan Turing, Gordon Welchman and others gave birth to the Information Age.

Upon arrival, you'll be invited to start your journey in the Block C Visitor Centre where you'll find an introductory exhibition to what's on site, an interactive Cybersecurity exhibition, coffee shop and gift shop. Free multimedia guides are available and one of the one-hour, walking tours run throughout the day. Food and drink can be purchased on site at either of our catering outlets throughout the day. Remember to check their web site to see what else there is to see and do.

Entrance fee is normally £14.95, the ITP is happy to cover this cost but asks for a small contribution of £5.00.

Please be aware that a visit to Bletchley Park involves both indoor and outdoor activities. Please wear sensible clothing and footwear to ensure a safe and enjoyable visit.

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ITP Insight Events to be confirmed:

Guildford 5G Innovation Centre

 Guildford 5G Innovation Centre







The 5G Innovation Centre (5GIC) at the University of Surrey is now the largest UK academic research centre dedicated to the development of the next generation of mobile and wireless communications. Bringing together leading academic expertise and key industry partners in a shared vision, the 5GIC will help to define and develop the 5G infrastructure that will underpin the way we communicate, work and live our everyday lives in the future.

Cisco London Experience Centre

 Cisco Xperience Centre