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The latest JournalThe Journal – the voice of telecoms.

The Journal is the telecoms industry’s leading technical magazine, drawing together in-depth features, news and analysis of key developments within the sector.

Published quarterly, The Journal is free to all ITP members, and can also be purchased by non-members.

Each edition is packed with articles by leading industry experts and academic researchers, all relating to the latest news and developments within telecoms. The magazine is considered to be an essential reference source not only for people who work within the industry, but also to other interested parties such as universities, libraries and other commercial organisations.

You can read the latest edition online here.

The latest Telecoms ProfessionalOn the flipside of The Journal, we have Telecoms Professional. The magazine is filled with telecoms news, updates on The ITP's activities over the last quarter, including Telecom Seminars and Insight events. Click here to download it.

The Journals are made available to ITP members, and are an invaluable tool for research and career development. Online you can see The Journals dating back to 2007 in PDF format, and access an index of the previous 90 years of content – back to its time as the Post Office Electrical Engineers’ Journal.

The Journal also offers opportunities to advertise to a select and extremely targeted relevant audience within the telecoms industry, and also to submit articles which, if published, raise the profile of the author.

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