Channel Live 2019

Professor Nigel Linge

Nigel_LingeProfessor Nigel Linge is an electronic engineer by profession and has been working in the computer networking field since 1983 when he commenced his PhD researching techniques for the interconnection of local area networks. That early interest in network interconnection continues to this day with research into routing protocols, network quality of service management with particular reference to seamless mobility in networks, the application of data networks for energy monitoring and control leading to user behaviour change and the development of context aware mobile applications and services. This work has been funded from a variety of sources including the EPSRC, EU, Research Councils UK and the Royal Academy of Engineering and with most projects including a strong participation from industry.  Practical developments arising from this research have been the creation of a multimedia visitor guide (mi-Guide) for the Museum of Science and Industry's "Connecting Manchester" Gallery which uses location and user context to deliver additional information to visitors; the Dehems project that produced a system for monitoring home energy usage which is now being extended to provide personalised profile data; and the work on location based services that is now being exploited for the delivery of hyper-local media.

In addition to his research interests, Professor Linge is actively involved in telecommunications heritage and public/schools engagement where he aims to both preserve and explain the engineering that underpins modern telecommunications systems and to show how technology has influenced society through the services and applications that have been delivered.

Professor Linge is a Fellow of the IET, a Chartered Engineer, a Fellow of the BCS, a Chartered IT Professional, a member of the ITP and a Fellow of the Higher Education Academy.