What is it?


Did you know that there is an organisation very similar to the ITP in most European countries? These are linked through an umbrella organisation known as FITCE (, which is a Federation of National Associations in each of the member countries. Membership is open to all European countries. All ITP Members now automatically gain FITCE membership when they join the ITP.

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The Value of FITCE

We have a strong belief that telecommunications is an international business and all operators and professionals need an international perspective to their careers. FITCE is in an ideal position to help them do this. It has been very clear that all telecommunications across Europe face broadly similar challenges ranging from the opportunities offered by new technologies to the requirement to respond to changes in the competitive and regulatory landscapes. Understanding how other territories have responded to this and even how responses have varied across nations adds another dimension to your outlook. One of the substantial benefits of the up and coming FITCE conference in Krakow is that it offers the chance to exchange views with colleagues in Europe and understand a range of new ways of responding to these challenges.

In a world where globalisation and international collaboration is a major factor in business success, participation in an organisation like FITCE can equip you with additional knowledge and a more complete perspective on the industry, thus enhancing your career prospects.


FITCE was founded in 1962 by telecommunications engineers from France and Belgium and extended to the six countries of the then European Community. Now it has membership from most European countries.