Total Telecom Congress

57th FITCE Congress, UK 2018

Delivery and Consumption of Digital Media

6-7 September 2018, MediaCityUK, Salford

FITCE Congress 2018


The Congress addressed these important themes:

5G - a game changer for digital media?

The first 5G standard has been published and services are expected to go live in 2020. So what will 5G offer for the delivery of digital media and how will it drive consumption?

Future of media distribution

With an increasing usage and demand for online catch-up and OTT services as a primary means of distribution coupled to a move to all IP work flows, is the future all OTT?

Enhancing the viewer experience

How will the viewer experience continue to be influenced by the move to ever higher image definition (4K and beyond), the introduction of Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality? What are the societal impacts of these new paradigms and their legal and regulatory implications?

Social Media, where next?

Social media already exerts a significant influence but what is the future potential for business, news media, user generated content, data mining and big data? What are the ongoing societal impacts?

Next Generation Networks

Media consumption dominates both fixed and mobile network usage. A move to more flexible network architectures is therefore essential and so industry needs to embrace Fibre to the Home, Software Defined Networks and Network Functions Virtualisation.

Developing the user interface

Can smartphones continue to evolve, can TV screens get any bigger, is the smart watch a paradigm shift? How will users interact with media in the future and what does this mean for the design of the next generation of user terminals and interfaces?

The 57th FITCE Congress was held in MediaCityUK, Salford, UK on 6th and 7th September 2018 and considered the Delivery and Consumption of Digital Media. There were 75 delegates, who enjoyed four technical sessions delivering 15 papers, 7 keynote speeches and an absorbing technical visit to dock 10’s studios and an entertaining and thought provoking round table. The conference attracted delegates from industry, academia and suppliers. Pennine, a Manchester company, were the principle sponsor. All sessions were recorded and it will be possible to download the presentations. An overview of the content of the technical sessions is given below.

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Further reading from FITCE 2018 presenters:-

"Platform Power and Policy in Transforming Television Markets" Tom Evans and Karen Donders

"Regulation, Governance and Convergence in the Media" Seamus Simpson and Peter Humphreys


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