The ITP - is it for me?

The ITP has been the voice of telecommunications for more than a century, and was founded when the industry was in its infancy.

At the ITP, we are dedicated to promoting the professional and career development of members through Professional Registration and Cross Industry Mentoring, keeping members up to date with the latest industry developments through The Journal, Podcasts and the ever popular Regional Events. We also have a highly successful apprenticeship scheme, enabling SME companies to grow their own talent.

The ITP has a wide range of members who work for multiple organisations across the UK, Europe and worldwide. We are delighted to have members from the following organisations.

Joining the ITP gives you as an individual or your business the opportunity to network, stay up-to-date with industry developments, attend interesting and informative events and enjoy a wide range of career-enhancing professional development programmes for either yourself or your workforce.

Membership also gives you access to preferential insurance. Through our approved brokers, Arlington Insurance Services and  Anthony Jones Insurance Brokers, we have secured you a  5% discount on your first years insurance. The insurances that they provide with this discount are:

Professional Indemnity Insurance ,Director’s and Officer’s insurance, commercial vehicle, business and premises.

The ITP offers a full range of affordable membership’s packages, both corporate and individual. Those who should consider membership include:

  •  Traditional telecoms providers
  •  Cable telecoms providers
  •  ISPs
  •  Mobile operators
  •  IT software suppliers
  •  Industry and trade associations
  •  Media professionals
  •  Financial professionals

Membership packages are designed for businesses, organisations, individuals, apprentices and students, all with affordable pricing bands.

If you fall into one of these categories, and would be interested in finding out more about how the ITP can help you, go to our separate pages on Corporate, Individual and Apprentice Memberships, or contact us on 01932 788861.