About ICTTech for BT,Virgin Media & Vodafone Apprentices

As your apprenticeship draws to a close, we hope you are looking to the future and making plans for the next step of your career in telecoms.

Both we and your managers feel that gaining accreditation as an ICT Technician will give you a flying start. When you are added to the Engineering Council Register, you then have the right to display ‘letters after your name’, showing your colleagues and the general public that you are a highly qualified and skilled technician. It really makes you stand out from the crowd, and gives you the chance to highlight how good you are at your job.

Becoming a registered ICT Technician leads to better career prospects, higher potential earnings, and increased opportunities when you apply for promotion or special projects. 

The ITP has worked hard to ensure that the ICTTech has been mapped to your apprenticeship, meaning that you will already have all of the knowledge and competencies you need. The process is fast, simple and affordable. 

Both your employers and the ITP would love to see you engaging with the ICTTech process as soon as possible after the end of your apprenticeship - that way, when you graduate you will also be ready to get your ICTTech certificate.


We will email you as you approach the end of your apprenticeship with all of the information you need.


In the meantime, if you have any questions, please contact Sue Langridge, Membership Development Manager, or call on 01932 788861.