How to Register

As a member of the ITP, you can apply for your professional registration through us. 

The ITP can offer each member the services of a personal adviser who will help them assess their existing experience and qualifications and recommend which registration to go for. Members will receive discounted rates, and ongoing support throughout the application process.

We have also made it possible for ITP members to become registered through a unique partnership agreement with The Institute of Engineering and Technology (IET). Through this programme, you will be assessed by the IET and if successful, elected to the Engineering Council Register.

You will then be entitled to use the post nominals MITP plus the particular registration that you have obtained. ie:



MITP EngTech


How is Professional Registration assessed?

Professional Registration is assessed on two levels - evidence of both competence and underpinning knowledge and understanding. We are, however, flexible about how that knowledge, understanding and competence is proved – so don’t worry if you don’t have formal educational qualifications as they are not always necessary. We can work with you to find alternative ways to showcase your skills and experience.

How much does it cost?

Costs depend on the level of registration applied for.

What next?

If you’ve read our pages on the benefits of Professional Registration and think it is right for you or for your staff, you can find out more by emailing, or call Sue Langridge on 01932 788861. An advisor will be happy to go through your CV and career details and offer their expert opinion on what route may be appropriate for you. You can also download our guidance notes, application forms and read the UK-Spec by clicking on the appropriate links below.

If you are a BT, Virgin Media or Vodafone Apprentice, click here to find out how easy it is to become registered using your apprenticeship qualifications.