Benefits of Employing Registered Engineers for Organisations

We believe that Professional Registration helps you as an Employer to achieve an assurance of excellence through globally recognised standards, putting you ahead of the competition.

  • Increased technical and managerial credibility with customers
  • Assurance that employees work to high quality standards and are focused on customer needs
  • Assurance that the employee has satisfied a rigorous assessment of their engineering competence
  • Confirmation that the engineering credentials being claimed are actually held
  • Internationally recognised titles enable greater flexibility in staff mobility
  • Access to development opportunities that ensure your employees remain up to date
  • Positive impact on recruiting and retention, and indication of commitment to staff
  • Possible mitigation of potential liabilities if an accident or incident occurs.
  • Enhanced company reputation through ethical behaviour
  • A means to satisfy requirements of the Quality Management Systems standard ISO 9001:2008

Also, the new Trailblazers Standard for an Advanced Apprenticeship will require employers to ensure apprentices will achieve at least one current, internationally recognised vendor or professional certification/registration through their apprenticeship which ICTTech or EngTech would provide.