Engineering Technician – EngTech

Who is it for?

Engineering Technicians work in areas such as equipment management and installation, operation, maintenance, incident/change/problem management, administration, security, fault diagnosis and fixing. They typically work in a range of jobs that involve supporting or facilitating the use of equipment and applications by others.

Engineering Technicians can demonstrate underpinning knowledge and competence in the following:

  • Applying proven techniques and procedures to practical engineering problems
  • Hold supervisory or technical responsibility
  • Contributing to design, development, manufacture, commissioning, decommissioning or operation
  • Maintaining products, equipment, processes or services
  • Showing a creative approach to your work
  • Applying safe systems of working

Why become an Engineering Technician? eg. Mick Hughes MITP EngTech

Professional registration sets an Engineering Technician (EngTech) apart from technicians who are not registered. In a fast-moving world of technologies and qualifications, it establishes proven competence and demonstrates commitment to professional standards as well as to life-long learning. Hence, whether specified in job advertisements or not, professional registration as a professional Engineering Technician gives you an edge.