Professional Registration Fees

Application fees and costs are payable at various stages throughout the registration process.

Once awarded Professional Registration, annual membership fees are payable to the ITP, IET and Engineering Council.



* plus ITP individual annual membership fee
* If you only apply using a paper application for there is an additional cost of £62 for CEng/IEng & £17 for ICTech/Eng Tech

Cost Breakdown - Initial Fees


Once elected to the register, the following will once only-fee is due.


Annual Fees

* plus annual ITP individual membership fee


  • You must be a current paying member of the ITP to apply through the ITP-IET professional registration programme.
  • If you fail to pay your annual membership fees your registration will be annulled.
  • Thus you would need to apply for registration for the start of the application process.
  • All prices are subject to annual increase. (Prices correct as of July 2019).