How do you become registered? (Qualified)

You need to familiarise yourself with UKSPEC (for the IEng Standard) and then demonstrate both competence and knowledge to the required standard to become registered.

You will need to present evidence to demonstrate your level of competence in both an application form and a face-to-face interview.

To demonstrate competence you must be able to show:

  • how you have used your technical and/or engineering knowledge and understanding to apply technology to an aspect of your work
  • how you have applied theoretical and practical methods to design, develop, manufacture, construct, commission, operate, maintain, decommission or recycle a technical/engineering process, system, service or product
  • where you exercised your technical and commercial management skills
  • your personal commitment to professional standards and recognition to obligations to society, the profession and the environment.

The list below sets out the different ways in which you may demonstrate the knowledge and understanding to underpin the competences for IEng registration:

  • An accredited Bachelors degree in engineering or technology
  • A Higher National qualification e.g. HND, or Foundation degree in engineering or technology, plus further learning to Bachelors level
  • A Higher National qualification started prior to September 1999, e.g. HND or HNC (subject to it meeting certain criteria)
  • Other formal qualifications, e.g. those gained overseas, assessed as equivalent in the context of your overall application
  • Work-based learning, assessed in the context of your overall application
  • A combination of the above.

How do I find out if my qualification is accredited for IEng?
        List of IET accredited degrees
        List of Engineering Council accredited degrees.

Remember that formal education is just one option. If you do not hold a formal qualification, but can provide other evidence of your technical knowledge and understanding, you can still become registered.  See later section for more information on work-based learning.

For more information or to apply, please contact Sue Langridge, Membership Development Manager, at or on 01932 788861