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About me - Josh Fowler, Process Analyst GTT

I started my apprenticeship journey in with ITP in 2013, some 11 years ago. I am not sure where that time has gone, but it was by far the most pivotal time of my life. Having left school at the age of 16 with a bunch of GCSEs and no direction, I went straight to work.

By this point in time, I was tired of education and wanted to escape and earn some money to do the things I wanted to do. 

My work history between 16 and the age of 21 before joining the ITP spanned from construction to hospitality and everything in between.

By the time of working out what I (sort of) wanted to do, I fell ill and was out of work for 12 months. As I got better and started to look for work in Telecommunications, I came across The ITP and the rest is history.

How did I get started?

After a comprehensive interview process consisting of an initial telephone interview followed by an assessment day with other candidates hosted by both Level 3 Communications and ITP, I learnt that I’d been chosen as the successful candidate.

I started my apprenticeship journey as a Network Operations Centre engineer. The next 18 months were a whirlwind of learning and earning. What I was learning benefited me directly in life and was delivered in a manner I engaged with and met my learning style preferences. The mentorship I received whilst at Level 3 from key people - peers, direct management, directors, and vice presidents - was unwavering. Their support for apprenticeships is as strong today as it was back then and it is fantastic to see.

My apprenticeship journey goes from network engineering, to service management, to business process analysis, where I currently enjoy working on continual process improvements to ensure customer experience and satisfaction alongside employee experience. A sometimes difficult yet very rewarding mission.

10 years later…

In 2023 I was asked by the ITP to join their board of directors, a decade after being one of their first apprentices. This was a huge honour for me to be able to help steer a business which means so much personally, to promote apprenticeships and help better the experience of apprentices and business alike during their apprenticeship journeys.

It also highlights my growth over the 10-year period, which I’m proud of, but couldn’t have done without the support of The ITP and many fantastic mentors along the way.  

So why an ITP apprenticeship?

An apprenticeship offers an alternative learning approach to the conventional route to A-levels and University. In-fact, I am in the final stages of my degree which I finish in the next 2 years with the Open University. Taking an apprenticeship allowed me:

  • To understand what I enjoyed, and what I did not for continual development. Choosing modules that aligned with my goals and ambitions.

  • To take mentoring options I may never have received had I not been a member of the ITP or taken an apprenticeship and it opened doors I never thought I would be able to open.

  • To develop and improve on skills such as communication, financial awareness and the impacts on business, collaboration, leadership, problem solving, creativity in innovation and critical thinking in a working environment

  • To realise making mistakes are sometimes the best part of learning.

Most importantly, it has been a fun journey. Successes took time and the learning, at times, stretched my capabilities, but without this I would not be where I am today.

If you are thinking about an apprenticeship, in any sector, I would wholly recommend one.

Here’s to your success!

Josh Fowler MITP

In 2013, Josh embarked on his professional journey in Telecoms as an Apprentice Network Operations Engineer through the ITP, where he swiftly showcased remarkable skills and unwavering dedication. His ...

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